The University Record, March 1, 1993

Assembly will elect 4 SACUA representatives

Faculty will face a more complicated election than usual when they chose four representatives to the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA) March 15 from a field of nine nominees.

A faculty Nominating Committee presented a slate of eight candidates at the Feb. 15 Senate Assembly meeting. Usually six candidates compete for three three-year terms on the nine-member group. However, this year there is an additional one-year term resulting from the resignation of Donald J. Bord, U-M-Dearborn professor of physics.

In addition, George J. Brewer, professor of human genetics and of internal medicine and curriculum, was nominated from the floor by Louis G. D’Alecy, professor of physiology.

Brewer’s nomination adds a wrinkle to the election because SACUA membership is limited to no more than three representatives from LS&A, two from the Medical School and two from the College of Engineering. Other units may each have one.

SACUA has one continuing member from the Medical School, pharmacology Prof. Charles B. Smith, who was elected in 1992.

One of the candidates presented by the Nominating Committee, psychology Prof. Stanley Berent, is also from the Medical School.

Other nominees: Ronald F. Inglehart, professor of political science; Shake Ketefian, professor of nursing; Ronald J. Lomax, professor of electrical engineering and computer science; Thomas E. Moore, professor of biology; Alfredo Montalvo, associate professor of art; Lawrence B. Radine, associate professor of sociology at the U-M-Dearborn; and Louise K. Stein, assistant professor of music.

The three candidates receiving the most votes will serve three-year terms. The fourth-place candidate will complete the one-year term. If two Medical School faculty members are among the top three or four, the one who receives the higher number of votes will be elected and the other will be ineligible to serve.

Biographical information and summaries of the candidates’ statements will be printed in the Record prior to the March 15 election.