The University Record, March 1, 1993

Residence hall rates will increase 4.6 % in 1993–94

At their February meeting, the Regents approved a rate increase of 4.6 percent for residence halls and 4.7 percent for family housing apartments on the Ann Arbor campus for next year.

The basic rate for a double room in the traditional residence halls, now $4,284.60 for two terms, will be $4,482.18. Other rates will range from $1,800.42 (now $1,720.50) for a room-only converted triple unit in a non-traditional hall to $5,325.78 (now $5,092.68) for a single room in the traditional halls. Rates in the traditional halls include room and 13 meals per week.

New rates for student tenants in family housing apartments, effective July 1, will range from $305 (now $295) a month for an unfurnished room in the Observatory Lodge to $685 (now $645) for a furnished three-bedroom unit. Faculty and staff tenants will pay about 20 percent more. All rates include utilities.

The proposed rates were recommended by the rate study committees, made up of students and staff members.

“In order to keep the rate increase as low as possible while still recognizing anticipated inflationary increases, the Single Student/Residence Halls Committee did not recommend any major new programmatic or facility initiatives,” said Robert C. Hughes, director of housing, and Maureen A. Hartford, vice president for student affairs.

“The Family Housing Rate Study Committee’s recommendation includes an increase of $15 per unit per month as a contribution to the Ann Arbor Public School District. Family Housing’s voluntary contribution to the school district for academic year 1993–94 will be $298,000.”