The University Record, March 1, 1993

Building leaders responsible for success

The Recycling Office maintains a list of 160 contact persons across campus who help disseminate recycling information in their respective buildings and departments. Erica Spiegel notes the success of recycling in any one building usually depends on whether there is a recycling leader.

“One of our best supporters is Lynn Deniston, associate professor of public health policy and administration,” Spiegel notes. “The custodians in the School of Public Health report seeing very little recyclable paper in the regular trash; I would attribute this high participation rate to Lynn’s efforts.”

Recyclers in Lorch Hall and the Rackham Building also were given high marks by the custodians who reported that “very little paper” ends up in their trash cans. Compare that to the Angell Hall Computer Center, where computer users are still trashing about half of the paper used.