The University Record, March 1, 1993

100 make New Year’s pledge

A January promotion and contest to encourage recycling resulted in New Year’s resolutions by 100 employees to recycle. The promotion, announced in the Jan. 11 Record, was sponsored by Plant Grounds and Waste Management.

According to Erica M. Spiegel, special projects coordinator, a wide variety of persons expressed support for recycling, including managers, cooks, secretaries, faculty members, administrative assistants, research assistants and computer consultants.

Spiegel says the response to the promotion shows that there are recycling advocates in departments and buildings all across campus.

“We received pledges from people in engineering, the Fleming Building, Student Activities Building, Michigan Union office and the School of Public Health, as well as a number from the Medical School and University Hospitals.”

Rochelle Taylor of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery won dinner for two at an Ann Arbor restaurant.

A research associate who works in the 400 North Ingalls Building, Taylor has been recycling glass bottles, office paper and newspapers for about three years.