The University Record, March 22, 1993

Everyone urged to read and comment on computing transition report

By Rebecca A. Doyle

The team studying the U-M computing environment and its future requirements has released a report, “User Requirements for Implementation of Michigan’s Computing Transition,” which is available to the entire University community.

The report is intended as a guideline for transition from an MTS-centered computing environment to a distributed computing environment. It is available in hard copy from the documentation support staff at the Information Technology Division (ITD) and via computer through IFS as a Microsoft Word file. To obtain a hard copy, send an electronic mail request to itd.doc@um or call 998-7624. The electronic IFS file is afs/

The full report, which was written by a team of representatives from across the campus, contains specific guidelines for the transition. Such areas as electronic classroom instruction, competitive research funding, library services, data analysis and student and faculty retention are addressed.

ITD should, the report says:

—Provide ongoing universal access to some essential services for all faculty, staff and students.

—Create and emphasize the provision of a new set of coordination services.

—Establish working partnerships with users and commit to meaningful user involvement in all planning and decision-making for the transition and beyond.

The report also urges the University to:

—Commit to the transition as an operational objective and part of the University’s mission rather than letting it proceed without planning or leadership.

—Make human and monetary resources available to re-establish and maintain an excellent computing environment.

—Issue bonds to fund wiring the


—Form an executive user committee to oversee the transition.

The committee strongly urges all members of the University community to read and comment on the report. Comments may be made to Kitty Bridges, by phone at 998-7638, or by electronic mail.