The University Record, March 29, 1993

‘Shrinking Week’ has shrunk to just hours

Michigan Radio’s on-air fund drive has shrunk to fewer than two days.

The station promised listeners that fund-raising efforts, scheduled for April 1–7, would be reduced by one day for every $16,000 pledged by March 31.

As of Record presstime, the station had received $91,722.63, reducing the Incredible Shrinking Week to just 21.5 on-air hours.

WUOM development director Shelley MacMillam says “the creative Incredible Shrinking Week approach is appreciated by our listeners. We think it’s a novel way to raise the necessary 45 percent of the station’s annual income.”

WUOM relies on listener support for a major portion of its funding. This spring, Michigan Radio has set a goal of $110,000 in support from its audience. Last year, more than 2,000 listeners contributed a total of $118,490 to maintain the quality and level of programming.