The University Record

March 29, 1993
Volume 48, Number 25

GM commits $8.5 million to Campaign
New solar car, Maize & Blue, will debut at Power Center tomorrow
Collins member of team that identifies Huntington’s disease gene
NSF, Ford fund center for high-performance computing
Costs rise April 1 for those with long-term disability insurance
Steam tunnel work closes portion of southbound State until June 25
New Bylaw on conflict of interest proposed
Voices of sacred flutes can be heard in Stearns Collection
Harassment policy must strike delicate balance
AAUP ‘greatly concerned’ about ramifications of policy
Evolution may not mean more complexity, researcher says
Gum with xylitol ‘dramatically reduces new cavities’
Art museum exhibition honors former director
Survey seeks information on international activities
SRCD annual meeting more upbeat thanks to Clinton administration’s emphasis on needs of children, families
Family income powerful predictor of 5-year-olds’ IQ, behavior
Part-time work for high schoolers may cost more than it pays
Children as young as 3 have ‘complex understanding of race’
Low-income parents use same strategies as middle-class parents in raising teens: promote talents, prevent problems, keep busy
Author of Eleanor Roosevelt biography to give Welch Lecture
Personality type determines response to peer pressure
Newlyweds’ relationships may not be as blissful as they think
‘Shrinking Week’ has shrunk to just hours
Physics team creates ‘designer atoms’ with lasers
Lots of volunteer opportunities available during SERVE Week