The University Record, May 10, 1993

2 + 2 equals bachelor’s degree

U-M-Dearborn and Macomb Community College (MCC) have established a program that will allow students with associate’s degrees from MCC to transfer credits toward a bachelor’s degree program offered at Dearborn.

In this “2+2” articulation program with Dearborn’s College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters, students who have earned associate’s degrees at MCC may transfer up to 62 credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree program at Dearborn. The “2+2” name is derived from the average two-year periods that students will spend at each institution.

“This partnership will allow more students to take better advantage of the educational opportunities offered in this region,” Dearborn Chancellor James C. Renick says. “It’s an example of the good that can be accomplished when our institutions work together to serve the citizens of the Detroit metropolitan area.”

MCC President Albert Lorenzo says the “value of this articulation agreement can be measured in opportunities gained for the students of Macomb Community College. Considering the reputation for excellence held by the U-M-Dearborn, the value is significant. Macomb Community College graduates have always done exceedingly well at four-year colleges and universities; I am confident that our graduates will continue that tradition at U-M-Dearborn.”