The University Record, May 10, 1993

Plans under way for inauguration at U-M-Dearborn

Plans are under way for the Oct. 1 inauguration of James C. Renick as U-M-Dearborn’s fourth chancellor.

“We’re soliciting ideas from the campus community for celebratory events focusing on the connections between

U-M-Dearborn and the Detroit metropolitan area,” says chemistry Prof. Charlotte A. Otto, chair of the inauguration planning committee.

Each of Dearborn’s schools and colleges has been asked to plan activities illustrating the connections between the University and the region, “connections including business and industry, as well as cultural and educational activities,” Otto says.

“We’re especially interested in including our many alumni in this area in this celebration,” she says. “We know that they are very interested in maintaining the distinctive qualities of the institution, and U-M-Dearborn can clearly benefit from their experiences and contributions.”