The University Record

November 2, 1992
Volume 48, Number 8

Minority enrollment sets another record
Presidential candidates, issues pique voter interest
Media critic Jean Kilbourne featured in Alcohol Awareness Week activities
Respite volunteer loves people, enjoys learning from them
Olds returns to Museum of Art for Sloan Lecture
WUOM fund drive starts Nov. 10
Search begins for research vice president; Kelly will retire this summer
M-CARE designs new health insurance plan for graduate students
Pursell’s efforts on behalf of nursing lauded
Symposium honors Stanley Garn
Thomas, Mary Edsall to deliver Yablonky Lecture
Internal reallocation supports visiting scholars program
Fish and Wildlife Service director stresses cooperation
Nobelist to deliver Wu, Goudsmit Lectures
Kresge receives $7 million from NIH
Quincentennial conference focuses on Spanish Inquisition
Environment preferences might be product of natural selection
Sub-microscopic sensor monitors chemical changes inside living cells
Protein may help determine prognosis of sarcoma patients