The University Record, November 23, 1992

Sign-up deadline for Rose Bowl tours is Dec. 4

Dec. 4 is the deadline for reservations for the University's official Rose Bowl tour, sponsored by the Alumni Association.

There are two tours---Maize, Dec. 28--Jan. 3, and Blue, Dec. 29--Jan. 2. Both are available as air/land packages, land-only packages and air-only packages.

Per person rates range from $757 for the Blue Tour land-only package with quad accommodations to $1,634 for the Maize Tour air/land package with single accommodations.

The tour includes the Big Ten Dinner for Champions, a New Year's Evening dinner dance, a concert by the Michigan Marching Band, and a complete game-day package that includes roundtrip transfers to Pasadena, a reserved grandstand seat for the Tournament of Roses Parade, a box lunch and a Rose Bowl game ticket.

Optional excursions include Los Angeles highlights, Disneyland, float construction and Chinatown, and Universal Studios.

Applications are available at the Alumni Center, 200 Fletcher Street. For information, call 763-6676.

Individual game tickets for faculty, staff and students will be available 8 a.m.--6 p.m. Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 at Yost Ice Arena. Tickets, $47 each, must be picked up in person at the game.

Students are limited to one ticket per person. Married students may buy tickets for spouses by presenting proof of marriage. Faculty and staff may purchase tickets for themselves and immediate family members living in the same household.

For information, contact the Athletic Department ticket office, 764-0247.