The University Record, November 23, 1992

Nine receive CRLT-LS&A fellowships

By Deborah Gilbert
News and Information Services

The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) and LS&A have awarded the 1992--93 CRLT-LS&A Postdoctoral Fellowships to nine assistant professors to help them devote time to develop courses that they then will teach.

"The awards give some counterweight to the pressure junior faculty feel to focus heavily on research as opposed to teaching," explains Donald R. Brown, director of CRLT. The maximum award is $5,000.

The assistant professors, their departments and the courses they are developing are: August E. Evrard, physics, "Cosmology: The Science of the Universe"; Lawrence A. Hirschfeld, anthropology, "Psychological Anthropology"; James M. Joyce, philosophy, "The Theory of Knowledge"; Juan Leon, English, "Literature, Culture and Place: Going to Miami"; Fanco M. Mori, physics, "Thermal and Statistical Physics";

Gideon A. Rosen, philosophy, "Meaning and Interpretation in Philosophy and Literature"; Jurgen Schnitker, chemistry, "Molecular Modeling and Simulation"; Greg Schaffer, economics, "Industrial Organization"; and Youxue, geological sciences, "Introductory Cosmochemistry and Early Evolution of Planets."