The University Record, October 26, 1992

Custodial Appreciation Week: A time to say ‘thanks’

By Mary Jo Frank

A few years ago, a nationwide survey showed that 50 percent of prospective students who visit campuses make up their minds on what university to attend based on the appearance of the buildings and grounds, notes James E. Christenson.

“The care that custodians give is vitally important to attracting students and keeping them here,” says Christenson, director of Plant Operations. “I feel that custodians are a vital part of the University team.”

The University community salutes its 387 custodians and supervisors during Custodial Appreciation Week Monday through Friday (Oct. 26–30).

Georgene Spencer, manager of building services, says that during the week, “events and activities are planned that will enhance both employee pride and pride in customer service.

“We feel that excellent custodial service is vital to this prestigious University,” says Spencer, who calls upon the University community to “join us in acknowledging those individuals who provide this essential service to you.”

Events include a recognition ceremony for all custodians 2–5 p.m. today (Oct. 26) in the Michigan League Ballroom. Awards will be presented for customer service, perfect attendance and service on University committees. Christenson and Spencer will speak.

A celebration scheduled 2–5 p.m. Fri. (Oct. 30) in the Coliseum will feature a karate demonstration by Fadi Samaha, a custodian at the East Engineering Building, and a sing-along led by Jessie Campbell, a North Campus custodian. Foreman Mel Coleman will be the disc jockey.

Unit activities are scheduled Tuesday through Thursday.

In conjunction with the recognition week, custodians will begin wearing new royal blue uniforms, which replace the light blue uniforms the University has had for the past 12 years.