The University Record, September 8, 1992

ITD upgrades 764-HELP

Reprinted from the ITDigest, August 3, 1992

Callers to ITD’s computer help line, 764-HELP, will soon notice a few changes. During August, 764-HELP consultants installeed and began using Answer Computer’s Apriori Help Desk Management software package in an effort to improve the services they provide.

The Apriori system gives first-line consultants access to a database of answers to computer-related questions. Consultants will update the database continually to provide callers with the most accurate information possible.

Additional components include a customer database, which will allow consultants to provide more personalized services, and several features to help route calls and respond quickly with answers to more difficult or time-consuming questions. Consulting staff currently are discussing ways to expand the use of the customer database to personalize the service even more.

While 764-HELP consultants learn to use the new system, calls may require slightly longer to complete. However, callers should notice relatively soon that their questions are answered more quickly, more accurately and more consistently than before the Apriori software was installed. Additional staff will be added to the 764-HELP lines to prevent or minimize increases in the length of time callers have to wait to talk to a consultant.

As they enhance the 764-HELP service, the consulting staff would like to hear from you. You can send comments about these changes to steve.mckelvey or through campus mail to Steve McKelvey, Computing Resource Center, 3113 School of Education Building 1259.