The University Record, September 8, 1992

Fuller Bridge closed to buses; North Campus bus routes change

By Mary Jo Frank

Due to structural problems of the Fuller Bridge on Fuller Road, all Transportation Services North Campus bus routes have been altered for an indefinite length of time. Currently only vehicles weighing less than five tons are allowed on the bridge.

Transportation Services Manager Patrick Cunningham says that despite the detours necessary to avoid Fuller Road, published time schedules will remain in effect for the affected routes: the North Commuter, Bursley-Baits and North-wood V.

As part of the detour, the North Commuter travels along Hayward instead of Bonisteel.

Both the North Commuter and the Bursley-Baits buses are traveling to and from Central Campus via Murfin, Plymouth Road and Maiden Lane. Inbound passengers are picked up in front of Bursley instead of behind the residence hall.

The Northwood bus stops only at Northwood I, II, III and IV. A new bus, Northwood V Circulator, runs between Northwood V and a transfer point at the Beal Street stop, where passengers can transfer to the Northwood bus and continue their trip to Central Campus. The addition of the Northwood V Circulator bus has enabled Transportation Services to maintain its regular time schedule and avoid longer rides for most passengers.

William R. Wheeler, City of Ann Arbor public services director, says that over the next 30 days the city will investigate the extent of damage to the bridge from salt and freezing and thawing cycles and determine the best way to fix it.

The deck of the bridge was reconstructed in 1966 with pre-cast concrete beams, which were covered by an asphalt coating. Over the years salt and water have seeped under the asphalt, eating away at the concrete and the reinforcing steel in the beams.