The University Record, September 8, 1992

Mentors sought for women student athletes

Margaret Bradley-Doppes, associate athletic director, is seeking volunteers for a new mentoring program for women student athletes.

In a letter to members of the University community, Bradley-Doppes states: “As you are aware, the first two years of college can be difficult. Many adjustments must be made in order to be both a successful student and an athlete. Your guidance is key in helping ‘the new kid on the block’ cope with the environment at The University of Michigan. Ultimately,” she adds, “the support from Michigan faculty will be a major factor in the success of this program.”

Activities planned so far for the program include an introductory meeting for all prospective mentors and two or three get-togethers during the year for both mentors and the student athletes.

“In addition to group meetings, we encourage the mentor to meet the student at a time that is convenient for both,” Bradley-Doppes says. “The individual contacts help the relationship grow and prove beneficial to both parties.”

Those interested in becoming a mentor may call Bradley-Doppes or April Beavers at 763-2159.