The University Record

September 8, 1992
Volume 48, Number 1

Students to set standards for own conduct on campus
Researchers discover 19th-century shipwreck in Lake Huron
AMEX cards issued prematurely
New Student Affairs deans committed to serving students
U-M grad rates among highest in nation, but disparities exist
South Africa’s Suzman to deliver annual Wallenberg Lecture
New SAPAC head Cain envisions a world without rape
Record resumes weekly schedule this issue
Search committee seeks for vice provost with ‘vision, creativity and vitality’
Development office reorganizes in preparation for new fund-raising effort
$500,000 gift from Mike Wallace provides new home for program
1992–93 journalism fellows named
Community service grants available
23 research scientists promoted
Movers gently muscle their way into the hearts of customers
$1,000,000 moves no sweat for experienced movers
Sept. 13 conference explores role of Jews in Columbus’s voyage to the New World
Japanese health professionals visit U-M to study health care for elderly
Women’s Studies Program receives Presidential Initiatives Grant
M-Quality report available for review by U community
Developing a Quality Approach for The University of Michigan
Hospitals Child Care Center celebrates first anniversary
Efficiency prompts merger, forms Urban and Regional Planning Program
U celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month Sept. 15–Oct. 17
Enrollment in benefits programs not automatic
New program designed to help spouses find jobs
ITD upgrades 764-HELP
Work at Nuclear Reactor laboratory pays off for high school student
Outstate libraries receive grant from Competitive Edge Committee
Fuller Bridge closed to buses; North Campus bus routes change
Bus Schedule
Madsen will give seminar on North American dinosaurs
Volunteer projects score high on priority list for women student athletes
Art, music, lectures mark Hispanic Heritage Month at Flint
Panels on ‘Women and Justice,’ ‘Expanding Horizons’ open to public
Mentors sought for women student athletes
Aggressive behavior patterns can be set in preschool
Turner Geriatric Services launches two lecture series
Clarkson joins Student Affairs
GM’s Whitman is visiting professor
Merit links schools with Internet
Carlson Group grant funds broadcasting of APR’s Marketplace
Bishop Lectureship slated for Sept. 9
M-Quality Council Members
Marletta finds biochemical trigger for creation of nitric oxide
Pharmacy researchers discover biological ‘Trojan Horse’