The University Record, September 14, 1992

Crowded? Store boxes, records off site

Running out of space but don’t want to permanently get rid of the boxes, records or equipment that are crowding your office or laboratory? Store it off site.

Property Disposition has opened a new 5,760-square-foot self-storage warehouse on North Campus. Available for short- and long-term rental, cubicles with wire mesh walls are available in five sizes, ranging from 5 by 6 feet to 12 by 12 feet. The smallest rents for $32 per month for long-term storage of seven months or more. The largest costs $96 per month for long-term storage. The majority—8 by 12 feet—rent for a long-term rate of $72 per month. Short-term rental rates (six months or less) are slightly higher.

Hugh A. Wenk, manager of Property Disposition, says the self-storage warehouse, open 7:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. weekdays, is heated to 55 degrees Fahrenheit so it is comfortable for customers who need to retrieve records. Although the warehouse is not air conditioned, humidity is monitored and controlled. Furniture stores well in the warehouse.

Wire mesh walls provide good air circulation and lighting is excellent, Wenk says.

For information or to make arrangements to rent storage space, call Property Disposition, 764-2470.