The University Record, September 14, 1992

M-Quality orientation sessions available

During the summer, the University’s M-Quality Council issued copies of the report “M-Quality: Continuous Improvement at The University of Michigan,” outlining the initial planning for a quality improvement approach within the University.

To provide an overview of M-Quality and the principles and concepts that support it, the Council asked the Office of Human Resource Development (HRD) to develop an orientation course. The free sessions for administrative and support staff begin this month.

“M-Quality Orientation” is a two-hour presentation that outlines the need for and the ideas behind M-Quality, so that further discussions of the approach can take place within units across campus. The orientation session was developed during the past several months by training professionals from several U-M units. It has been pilot-tested with a variety of administrative and staff groups in the past several weeks and has been revised based on their comments. It will continue to be revised based on comments and evaluations that are received from those who attend the session.

The program is appropriate for groups of 100 to 150 persons and will be presented to units or groups of units at their request.

Unit directors are invited to schedule orientation sessions for administrative and support staff in their area with a goal of having all administrative and support staff attend a session during the next year or so.

To arrange for a presentation of “M-Quality Orientation,” contact HRD program assistant Linda Short at 764-7410 or via MTS.