The University Record, September 14, 1992

Scholastic Press Association praises Michigan Daily

The Michigan Daily has received a Medalist Certificate from the Columbia (University) Scholastic Press Association. The Daily collected 999 points out of a possible 1,000 in the critique of the paper.

The Scholastic Press Association was established in 1924 to help improve student publications. Its annual “College Newspaper Critique” provides student journalists with an objective review of their paper, with an eye to improving the publication.

Daily issues that were published January–May were entered in the critique, which focused on three major components—content, presentation and general operations.

The Daily judge called the paper’s overall concept “excellent” and commented specifically on several areas.

News stories were described as “very well written and edited, with good depth.” A feature story in April on the homeless received “highest marks. This is the kind of reporter awareness media needs more of. Well done!”

The judge praised the Daily’s opinion/editorial content, stating “glad to see the editorial board format. Readers are best served by this more balanced approach.”

Sports coverage was cited for “good stories, great art,” and the judge also noted “great coverage on your own campus events. Nice, balanced reporting.”