The University Record, September 14, 1992

Campaign Priorities

While all schools, colleges and units of the University will participate in the Campaign and will have particular areas of emphasis, five program areas have been identified as featured programs.

Undergraduate Education Initiative

The Center for Undergraduate Education, a bold new approach to higher education, will be both a place and a concept. It will be a physical facility that completely integrates the learning environment of undergraduates, eliminating the physical and curricular barriers separating disciplines. As a concept, it will be a visible symbol of the University’s commitment to undergraduate education.

Science, Technology and the Arts

The deans of the Schools of Art, Architecture and Urban Planning and Music, and the College of Engineering have proposed a program to enhance the quality of the intellectual, social and learning environment on North Campus. They seek opportunities to create programs and facilities in which students and faculty will work together, using the strengths of each school as a resource for the others. While building a sense of community on North Campus, educational ties with Central Campus will be reinforced. The University is undertaking a major effort to strengthen its programs in the basic sciences to provide all students with the best foundation to prepare them for studies in other areas or for advanced studies in the basic sciences.

Cooperative Approaches to World Issues

Throughout the University, schools and colleges are taking a global perspective in order to prepare students to live and work in an international environment, to position the University to contribute to and draw from the world pool of knowledge, and to strengthen course programs in international and area studies. The aim is to provide an international dimension to curricula throughout the University, as well as to provide the opportunity for interdisciplinary teams to come together to study a particular problem or area of interest.

The Health Sciences

The Schools of Dentistry, Nursing and Public Health, the Medical School and the College of Pharmacy are concerned with issues covering the whole range of health care, from basic research in the laboratory to the optimal delivery of care to the patient. They are joining with researchers from schools throughout the University to focus on areas of research that touch every aspect of our lives.

The Humanities

There has never been a great university without a strong commitment to the humanities. For over a century, the University has maintained a tradition of distinguished scholarship and teaching in the humanities through its outstanding faculty and resources, which in turn enable it to attract and serve excellent students.