The University Record, September 28, 1992

Medical, Central campuses linked by Vines network

Banyan Vines users on Central Campus and the Medical Campus now will be able to share resources, data and mail, according to local area network analyst Gale Boyajian. The two large local area networks have been combined.

Before Sept. 15, the Central Campus Vines Network (CVN) and the Medical Campus Vines Network (MCVN) existed independently of each other, each comprised of approximately 50 servers and 1,500 users.

“We just connected the two networks, and now there are 102 servers and more than 1,500 nodes,” Boyajian says.

Most users will see no changes, she notes, but administrators and those who search the StreetTalk Directory Assistant will be looking through approximately twice as many names as before, and StreetTalk searches will look through twice as many organizations or groups.

While it is now possible to message individuals on either campus through the Banyan Vines mail system, Boyajian notes that some users do not have mailboxes, and one should verify that the intended recipient has a VINES mailbox before sending messages.