The University Record

April 18, 1994
Volume 49, Number 28

University receives $12 million commitment
Password theft, racist message deplored
Chief administrators ‘outraged’ by racist electronic message
Forum on hate mail is this afternoon
President announces Agenda for Women
ITIC signals University’s transition to new age
Coppola: Go out and tell somebody about the dog
Weisbuch appointed to 2 posts
Wheeler ‘chartered course we are attempting to follow today’
Hispanic Student Leadership Award ceremony scheduled
Innovations earn math department $25,000
Clinton’s chief health policy analyst to speak here
‘Shrinking Week’ expands Michigan Radio contributions
Education a primary tool in discouraging cheating
Sociologist Piliavin to deliver Katz-Newcomb Lecture April 22
Definitions: Cheating, plagiarism
Engineering students put textbook theory to practical use
Policies on computer use
New alcohol program focuses on drinking in moderation
Economics will play large part in future of civil rights, panelists say
Big Dipper example of a slowly evolving universe
Business School seeks nominations for Staff Recognition Awards