The University Record, April 25, 1994

Green light given to 8 campus renovation projects

The Regents approved the following renovation projects at their April meeting:

  • The Baits Housing complex was constructed in the late 1960s and its original domestic hot water system no longer meets code. The estimated cost for corrections required to comply with code is $400,000. Work will begin in 1995 and be phased over three years.

  • The Northwood II and III apartment complexes were built in the late 1950s and house almost 600 families. The University is beginning to experience significant maintenance and repair problems due to deteriorating underground piping systems for distribution of domestic hot and cold water.

    The cost of installing a new system, phased over the next several years, is estimated at $5 million. For 1994, a detailed engineering design and contract documentation will be completed as Phase I, at an estimated cost of $185,000.

  • To protect the collections of the University Herbarium from destruction by insects, modifications will be made to the mechanical systems of the North University Building to install additional cooling and dehumidification, at an estimated cost of $579,000.

  • The Utilities Department will study the feasibility of combining the boiler control room and the turbine control room at the Central Power Plant, in order to utilize state-of-the-art computerized control technology. The study will take about seven months at an estimated cost of $120,000.”

  • “Free cooling” capacity will be added to the central chilled water plant on East University. This change will enable shut-down of the absorption chillers during most of the winter months and utilization of the cold outdoor air to generate chilled water. The estimated cost of the project is $525,000 with an estimated steam cost-avoidance of $125,000, resulting in a pay-back period of approximately 4.2 years.

  • There are approximately 60 fume hoods dispersing laboratory exhausts close to the roof of the Medical Science Building II, creating potentially unsafe conditions for anyone working on the roof. This project, necessary to meet current and projected air quality standards, involves collecting the hoods into a single plenum feeding into high velocity induced draft fans and discharging vertically upward.

    In addition, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has approved making major improvements to both the Medical Science II crematorium and the Medical Science I incinerator. This project also will involve major ductwork changes and installation of high velocity fans. The estimated cost of these projects is $1,965,000.

  • Renovations in the G.G. Brown Building will provide upgraded laboratory space for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The estimated cost of the project is $300,000, with funding provided by a $150,000 National Science Foundation grant, $75,000 from the College of Engineering, and $75,000 from the Office of the Vice President for Research.

  • MedSport’s Physical Therapy Training Room patient volume has been growing at an average of 10 percent per year for the past three years, and the facilities at Domino Farms are over capacity. With the addition of another orthopaedic physician this fall, sports medicine clinic visits are expected to increase by another 10 percent and physical therapy visits by another 5 percent. Incremental surgeries, radiology procedures and laboratory procedures are also expected to increase. Two new exam rooms, a procedures room and office space are necessary to accommodate this growth.

    The Department of Internal Medicine plans to move 3,650 incremental clinic visits and associated procedures to MedSport this fall. They also want to rotate residents through the program. To accommodate this increase in growth will require renovations that are estimated to cost $486,670 with another $332,287 for furnishings.

  • Expansion of the U-M Primary Care Network is a high priority as the U-M Hospitals continue to increase its primary care provider complement. Expansion of three currently leased health centers—Northeast Ann Arbor, Northville, and Plymouth—is necessary. The estimated costs of renovations, furnishings and equipment total $1,192,128.