The University Record, February 28, 1994

Works from Museum of Art collection at Uffizi in Italy

“From Ansel Adams to Andy Warhol: Portraits and Self-Portraits from the University of Michigan Museum of Art,” a collection of prints, drawings and photographs from the Museum’s collection, is on display through March 27 at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

The exhibition is composed of 19th- and 20th-century portraits and self-portraits, and was selected to complement the Uffizi’s own collection of artists’ portraits.

Co-curated by Museum Director William Hennessey and history of art Prof. Graham Smith, the exhibition was organized to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the U-M’s study abroad program in Florence, and to lay the foundation for an ongoing exchange of exhibitions and scholars between the U-M and leading Italian institutions.

Noting that the exhibition is diverse in its content, Hennessey says it “includes masterworks by Richard Avedon, Max Beckmann, Andy Warhol, Edward Steichen, Ansel Adams, August Snaker, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Egon Schiele, David Hockney and others. The selection is particularly strong in German Expressionist work and in rare early photographic material,” he says.

“The Museum and the University are committed to collaborative ventures of all kinds, and particularly welcome this opportunity to establish an ongoing exchange program with our colleagues at the Uffizi,” Hennessey says.

The exhibition has been made possible through the support of British Airways, which agreed to fly the exhibition to Florence, and Ford Motor Co., which helped pay the cost of producing the catalog.