The University Record, February 28, 1994

Trivia buff? Get U-M factbook

How big? How many? How does it compare? These are a few of the many questions about the University that are answered in Facts About Michigan, prepared by News and Information Services as a reference source.

The 155-page book contains information about the University in nine categories: Budget, Dimensions, Firsts, Gifts, Media, Rankings, Research Advances, Students, and 1817. Facts About Michigan includes information on such items as the number of new trees planted around campus each year (100) and how many people visited the Exhibit Museum last year (97,000), along with many more facts and statistics.

Copies may be ordered by U-M units for $7 each. The public may purchase factbooks for $8.80 (price includes postage). To place an order, call 764-7260 or write News and Information Services, Attention Factbook, 412 Maynard Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1399. Make checks payable to the University of Michigan.