The University Record

January 24, 1994
Volume 49, Number 17

U faces stiff competition for state dollars, legislators say
Long: Multiculturalism must face tragedy and truth of history
Muir named Campaign interim director
Melman: veil ‘a metaphor for female independence’
Program will examine how future info technology, U’s mission mesh
Julie Peterson will head News and Information Services
Consortium will study telecommunication policies
Walgreens endow chair in reading and literacy education
3 granted emeritus status
Poussaint: King was about bringing people together
ECB panelists reveal techniques that get students to think about multiculturalism
An Open Letter to the Campus and Community
Berry: We need right mix of good public policy and self help
Keys to success? Education, parental encouragement
‘A landless people is a hopeless people’—they have no relationship with the earth
Panelists agree there is a long way to go to achieve social justice
Multiculturalism seen by some as a fragmenting force
Video enlightens ULAM staff
Equity and excellence: Are they at cross purposes?
Sound of notions shattering means ‘I’m on the right track’
Panelists maintain that racial segregation is still a fact of life
Students celebrate King’s faith
U-M-Dearborn community celebrates by serving
Anderson will conduct live musical accompaniment to Way Down East
Lichter named Isadore Lampe Professor of Radiation Oncology