The University Record, June 6, 1994

Self-empowerment is key to creating your own future

By Mary Jo Frank

Self awareness, vision, purpose, commitment and making a contribution are the keys to becoming a confident, empowered person, according to Oscar L. Britton.

In his keynote speech at the Workplace of the ’90s, Britton urged the more than 660 participants attending the May 24 program at the Michigan League to rely on themselves, not their employers, to become empowered. The personal and professional development conference was repeated May 25.

Britton, who works at Ford Motor Company’s National Employee Service Center, opened his presentation titled “Creating the Empowered You!” with the video “Even Eagles Need a Push,” based on David McNally’s book with the same title.

Individuals have it within their power to create a different future, to choose how they want to live and who they want to be, according to Britton and McNally.

Five qualities common among self-confident individuals are:

  • Self appreciation. It is important to know what you’re good at, to develop a sense of self-dignity.

  • Vision. Vision, the starting point for moving ahead, inspires individuals to proceed despite fear.

  • Power of purpose. Confidence is directly linked to a sense of purpose. Although purpose is not a panacea, it makes living worthwhile. Life matters when you have a purpose.

  • Commitment. This “heartfelt promise to yourself” will not let you back down.

  • Contribution. For those who live by the principle of contribution, reward follows service; getting follows giving. Life is best when we’re happily and willingly contributing to others.

    Britton invited members of the audience “to form a visual picture of an empowered you” and to begin the creative process necessary to make changes.