The University Record, March 28, 1994

New Program for International Initiatives promotes distance-independent education

The University Library has established a Program for International Initiatives, designed to support the Uni-versity’s goal to become a global institution providing distance-independent education.

“Because the University of Michigan has a clearly articulated mission to promote and expand international research and education at Michigan,” says Uni-versity Library Dean Donald E. Riggs, “now is the perfect time for the Library to become better prepared to support this important goal.”

Yvonne Wulff, librarian and program director for international initiatives, is responsible for determining the Library’s short-range and long-range plans for enhancing the University’s efforts in internationalism.

The program will focus on developing working relationships with the Univer-sity’s various international constituents, establishing a comprehensive understanding of the U-M’s intentions for developing its international mission, working with faculty and staff involved in international research and programs to determine suitable library support, and investigating opportunities for collaborative programs between the Library and University programs with international interests.

As part of her new responsibilities, Wulff has been invited to serve on the governing board of the U-M’s International Institute.