The University Record, March 28, 1994

Workplace of the ’90s inaugurates Universitywide staff recognition awards

By Rebecca A. Doyle

Do you know a non-faculty University employee whose work efforts are above and beyond what is required? Does one of your co-workers give more than 100 percent to the job?

The Workplace of the ’90s Conference, with financial support from the Office of the Provost, this year will honor staff members who have made outstanding contributions to the mission and work of the University. All non-faculty employees are eligible for the award if they have been employed by the Univer-sity for a minimum of two years.

“The Office of the Provost is delighted to be able to support this new initiative on behalf of staff of the Universi-ty,” says Susan S. Lipschutz, associate provost. “It is important to begin to recognize those whose efforts make the

U-M such an exceptional place, but whose work is recognized far less often than it should be.”

Awards of $750 will be granted to two individuals, one for distinguished service and the other for outstanding leadership. A third award of $1,500 will be made to a group of University staff members.

The Distinguished Service Award will honor a staff member who has rendered distinguished service to the Uni-versity and the community.

The Outstanding Leadership Award will honor a University staff member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, vision and initiative.

The Exemplary Team Award will honor a group of University staff members that has functioned as an exemplary team, whether formally or informally designated.

Awards will be made at the Workplace of the ’90s Conference May 24–25. Additional recognition and gifts will be awarded to both winners and finalists in the categories.

A 10-member selection committee will choose the recipients from nominations submitted to the University Workplace Awards Committee, considering the following criteria:

  • Interactions with employees, students and visitors at the U-M.

  • Contributions to the success of others in the department above normal job expectations.

  • Enhancing the University’s public image.

  • Creative ideas or processes the nominee has identified or implemented.

  • Demonstration of cooperation and team building.

  • Personal and professional growth.

  • Characteristics as a role model or mentor.

  • Barriers the team or individual has overcome to accomplish professional goals.

    Nomination forms, due April 10, have been sent to most U-M employees through campus mail. Those who have not received one may request a form by calling 764-5305. Additional forms are available at the Office of Conferences and Seminars, 200 Hill St., or in the lobbies of the Michigan League, Michigan Union and LS&A Building. Penny Tully, whose office will collect the forms for the selection committee, stresses that nomination forms must be accompanied by up to three pages of comments that indicate why the nominee should receive the award.