The University Record, May 23, 1994

Changes made in Mason Hall restrooms

Several changes have been made to the men’s restrooms in Mason Hall. The changes, recommended by a committee formed early in 1994 to address the problem of sexual activity in the restroom facilities, are intended to protect the health, safety and privacy of students, staff and faculty.

Among the changes:

  • Stall doors in the ground-, first- and second-floor restrooms were lowered one foot, and stall walls were lowered to within four inches of the floors.

  • Locks were replaced in the first- and second-floor restrooms, and these facilities will be locked when classes have ended for the day on the first and second floors of Mason Hall.

    Signs placed in the restrooms warn that those engaged in illegal activity will be prosecuted.

    The committee included representatives from the Department of Public Safety, Maintenance and Renovation, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health, Plant Building Services, the AFSCME bargaining unit, the Lesbian and Gay Male Programs Office, and LS&A.