The University Record, May 23, 1994

SACUA meetings now open to public

Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs’ (SACUA) meetings with the president, provost and executive officers are now open to the public, including the press and faculty members.

SACUA voted 8-0 May 2 to open up their discussions with the president, provost and executive officers. At the request of an officer, a portion of the meeting can be closed. SACUA’s intent is that the portion of the meeting in which the group raises questions will be open, according to Jean L. Loup, who as SACUA chair did not vote on the motion.

Until now, SACUA meetings have been open to the public but discussions with the president, provost and executive officers were closed.

Loup said SACUA members believe communication ought to be more open with the president and provost and that faculty should be more involved in University decision-making. If faculty members are not aware of what is being discussed, it is hard to be involved, she noted.

“I do believe there are times when the president and provost may want to speak more frankly than they would in an open meeting and we should honor that,” Loup added.

SACUA meets in the Regents Room, Fleming Administration Building, usually 1:30–5 p.m. Mondays, except the third Monday of the month, when Senate Assembly meets. To obtain a SACUA meeting schedule, call the SACUA office, 764-0303.