The University Record, April 24, 1995

M-Quality teams’ venture into community service called a success

M-Quality teams' venture into community service called a success

By Jared Blank

On April 6, students from Project SERVE and 150 staff members from M-Quality teams joined together to volunteer at 15 sites around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. Robert B. Holmes, assistant to the vice president for academic affairs and executive adviser for M-Quality, said the Team Up for Community Service program was created "as a way of highlighting to people that University staff want to work and volunteer to fulfill needs in the community."

This event also allowed M-Quality team members to work together outside of the office environment. Sheryl Decoster, assignment coordinator for Family Housing, felt that "the most positive aspect of the day was that I was able to work with my team members in a non-work setting and accomplish something as a team." Decoster did painting and gardening at the Interfaith Hospitality Network.

Brenda Herman, staff development associate in Housing, also appreciated the positive results of the teamwork. "The great thing about this event was that my team produced tangible results right away," Herman said. "M-Quality teams often do not see immediate results to the problems they set out to solve."

Holmes hopes that the team-building accomplished at the volunteer sites will transfer back to the workplace. "I hope that these teams will have an increased sense of trust and teamwork in the workplace when they return from their volunteer experience," Holmes said.

This is the first cooperative effort between Project SERVE and M-Quality teams. Holmes believes it is just the beginning of a partnership between these two groups. "We are looking at new ways that University staff can work with Project SERVE to help in the community. I felt this event was a success."