The University Record, April 24, 1995

Thompson parking structure to close for summer

Thompson parking structure to close for summer

By Rebecca A. Doyle

The Thompson Street parking structure will close in May for extensive renovation and remain closed through August. The renovations, which include removing and replacing the top three or four inches of concrete, will continue the following summer.

According to John Neault, manager of civil engineering for Facilities Planning and Design, one summer is not enough time to complete the job.

"The top three or four inches of concrete have deteriorated from salt and use of other de-icers," he says. "We will remove those top inches and the steel reinforcing and replace the steel with epoxy-coated reinforcements and the concrete with a layer of microsilica concrete." Microsilica concrete is less susceptible to damage by salt and de-icing materials.

Over the past five years, potholes have been filled and minor repair work has been done to keep the structure operational, Neault says, but major renovations have not been made for some time. The scheduled work could add another 15 or 20 years to the life of the structure, he points out.

"After those two years of repairs and replacements are done, we will have completed all major repairs to that structure," Neault says. "Any future repairs should be maintenance and minor ones rather than rehabilitation."

Those who usually park in the Thompson Street structure should plan to use one of the following alternate lots or structures (numbers denote the spaces available for staff paid parking):

Church Street


Thayer Street


Hill Street




Perry School


The following lots will have a portion of available spaces converted from visitor metered or cashier-attended parking to staff paid slots:

Thompson Street lot


Fletcher Street Structure


Palmer Drive


School of Education


In addition, free parking is available in a number of commuter lots on both North Campus and near Crisler Arena. A current commuter, reduced rate or staff decal is required, and free bus transportation is provided either via AATA or University buses. Those who hold current staff paid decals can turn them in for a prorated refund for the balance of the 1994-95 year and either purchase a prorated reduced rate decal or get a free commuter decal.

For more information, call Parking Services, 764-8291.