The University Record, December 12, 1994


DRDA’s on-line research information server (RIS), available to campus computer users through GopherBlue, displays research funding opportunities, application deadlines, U-M policies concerning sponsored research, campus research resources and more. At the “which host?” prompt, enter “UM-GopherBlue:” then open “U of Michigan and Ann Arbor,” then open “DRDA.”

DRDA (The Division of Research Development and Administration) is located in Wolverine Tower, 3003 S. State Street, Ann Arbor 48109-1274.

Opportunities for teachers in the humanities

The National Endowment for the Humanities’ Division of Education has issued a new set of guidelines offering several innovative opportunities for teachers in the humanities. Humanities Focus Grants, for example, require a simplified application and speedy review process and enable groups of humanities teachers at any level to seek support to develop their understanding of an important issue or topic in the humanities and, if they choose, to translate such understanding into a plan of action for their school or college curriculum. The new guidelines encourage applications related to “A National Conversation on American Pluralism and Identity” as well as comparative and collaborative approaches to other topics, e.g. foreign language education, undergraduate science and humanities education, how recent advances in the study of cognition affect how humanities teachers think about their work, and several other topics. Additional information concerning expanded opportunities at NEH is available from Adeline M. Ryzmar, 936-1354. For a copy of the new guidelines for NEH’s Division of Education Programs, call (202) 606-8400.