The University Record, December 19, 1994

Kodak gives grant to Film and Video Studies

The Program in Film and Video Studies has received a product grant—motion picture camera film—valued at $2,000 from the Eastman Kodak Co.

Kodak’s grant program “rewards academic excellence by enabling film schools to undertake production projects beyond their normal budgetary scope, and will enrich the educational experience of future filmmakers studying at the U-M,” says James MacKay, director of Kodak’s Worldwide Student Program.

Ira Konigsberg, the U-M program’s director, is “delighted to have been recognized by Eastman Kodak in this manner, and we are especially happy that our students will now have available this excellent film stock.”

“The Program in Film and Video Studies is only six years old as a major teaching, research and production unit at the U-M,” Konigsberg notes, “and it is, indeed, one of the fastest growing programs or departments of its kind in the country.”

The program’s main goal is to educate students about the nature of media and the moving image in the 20th century, to place film and video in the context of a liberal arts education.

“Production classes are a necessary ingredient to this goal,” Konigsberg explains. “They develop students’ professional skills and creative ability with these media, and are especially important in giving students the first-hand experience that leads to knowledge and understanding. It is especially for this reason that the Eastman Kodak gift is so appropriate and useful.”