The University Record, February 6, 1995

Kazanjian heads Med Center's AIDS program

Powel H. Kazanjian of Harvard Medical School has been appointed director of the AIDS program and assistant professor in the Infectious Diseases Division of the Department of Internal Medicine.

He will be responsible for leading the Medical Center's multidisciplinary AIDS program, including the development of patient care systems and the implementation of clinical and drug trials.

Kazanjian says the program will have three primary goals.

"First, we have to provide AIDS patients with first-rate medical care. We will also strive to make the Medical Center a premier AIDS teaching institution for medical faculty, house staff and students.

"Finally, we will develop clinical research programs that will make innovative therapy available to persons with AIDS, and we will forge collaborative efforts with multiple departments, including pulmonary medicine, neurology and epidemiology, among others."

While patient care will be a top priority, Kazanjian says that another responsibility of the program will be to continue to increase public awareness of the dangers of AIDS, as well as the latest related medical advancements.