The University Record, February 6, 1995

Hatcher's portrait unveiled

By Rebecca A. Doyle

"A portrait is not a photograph," says President Emeritus Harlan Hatcher. A portrait, he says, is not meant to preserve a subject at one particular moment in time. "A portrait is when the artist paints you as he sees you. And what the artist does often creates great controversy."

Hatcher spoke at a reception last week when his portrait was unveiled at the Bentley Historical Library. He talked about the 175th anniversary of the University, and noted that the portrait is but "one small incident in that celebration."

His is the first in a series of presidential portraits that will be donated to the University by artist Benjamin McCready. McCready also will paint presidents emeritus Robben W. Fleming and Harold T. Shapiro, and President James J. Duderstadt.

Hatcher said he had been told that you could peel the layers of paint from a portrait "one by one, removing each layer, and finally all that would be left was an egg."

McCready, who spoke after Hatcher, replied, "I had a good egg to work with."

Hatcher's portrait will remain in the Bentley Historical Library until the addition to Hill Auditorium is completed, where it will be on permanent display.