The University Record, February 20, 1995



Reserved parking spots contentious topic

Leon Zukowski's Feb. 13 letter with respect to parking fees stimulated me to write to remind the administration about their agreement with the faculty when parking fees were first proposed.

Until the parking structures were built there was no parking fee. When the administration proposed to SACUA that a nominal fee be assessed to assist in paying off the bonds funding the structures, we argued that it would be more advantageous to us to reduce salary increases by $10 (or whatever the fee was to be) since this would take the money before taxes rather than having taxes on the full salary and then paying the fee.

After some negotiations we agreed to the fee with the stipulation that there would be no reserved parking on any University property (including the athletic campus). We agreed that a few spaces should be reserved at the University Hospital for physicians called in on emergencies.

These were the University's policies for many years. One of the amusing consequences was that the dean of business administration required that his secretary come early and park across two spaces so that his favorite spot would be available when he arrived.

As I see the proliferation of spaces reserved for University cars, administrators, and special groups of faculty and staff, I share the feelings of the former administrator of parking who once told me that if they had stuck with the old policy his job would be much easier.

W. J. McKeachie, professor emeritus of psychology