The University Record, January 30, 1995

Faculty committee appointed to search for new provost

President James J. Duderstadt will appoint a faculty committee to launch a national search for a new provost by early February, and hopes to complete the selection process by early fall.

Duderstadt told Senate Assembly last Monday that because the provost is the chief academic officer and the chief budget officer, the faculty needs “to be engaged quite broadly.” The process also needs to be deliberate, he said, “so that we have a chance to interact to get a better sense of what we’re seeking.”

He asked Assembly members for nominations of faculty to serve on the search committee and as possible candidates for provost. Duderstadt also is asking student groups to nominate student committee members.

Provost Gilbert R. Whitaker Jr. announced in December that he would not seek reappointment when his five-year term expires in August.

Duderstadt praised Whitaker, noting that he has played a major role in leading the University through a period of reduced state support while giving priority to faculty salaries, clarifying the University’s stance against sexual harassment, and expanding Regents’ Bylaw 14.06 to include sexual orientation.