The University Record, January 30, 1995

Procedure set up for reporting outdoor lighting problems

The University has set up a new system for use by individuals and units to report campus lighting problems.

In an early January memo to deans, directors and departments heads, William B. Krumm, associate vice president for business operations, noted that “adequate lighting is an essential element of security for the campus community.”

“Adequate levels of lighting do not necessarily mean more lighting or higher lighting levels,” Krumm noted, but rather those that meet accepted standards of intensity, direction, placement and uniformity.”

Krumm said that the Department of Public Safety and the Maintenance Services Department perform routine surveys to identify malfunctioning lights and areas of deficient lighting that may vary with foliage changes or changes in hours and the intensity of interior building lighting.

The following procedures should be followed with respect to lighting problems:






The Outdoor Lighting Advisory Committee provides policy guidance in responding to lighting deficiency reports and hears complaints from those who feel the response was inappropriate.

Members of the committee include the director of Plant Operations, the University Planner, representatives from the Department of Public Safety and the Office of the Dean of Students, and a student.