The University Record, January 30, 1995

Nine U-M-Flint faculty receive research awards

By Donna Ullrich-Eaton

Nine U-M-Flint faculty members have received $49,105 in Research Initiative Program awards, according to Interim Director of Research Virgil Cope. The awards take the form of grants, summer fellowships, or student partnerships to support research projects.

Award recipients are:

* Lois Alexander, assistant professor of music, a partnership ($2,665) with student Rachael Schmidt to study “The relationship between Schoenberg and Chagall.”

* Mary Cox, professor of engineering, a grant ($6,040) to study unbreakable glass.

* Eric Freedman, assistant professor of psychology, a grant/fellowship ($7,900) for his study of “An Experimental and Computational Analysis of Testing Multiple Hypotheses.”

* Kathleen Lavoie, professor of biology, a grant $5,000) to study the “Applications of Molecular Biology in Microbial Community Structures.”

* Keith Moreland, assistant professor of accounting, a fellowship ($5,500) for “An Empirical Study of Transactions that Produce Deferred Taxes.”

RIP Award Recipients

* Nathan Oaklander, chair, Philosophy Department, a fellowship ($5,500) for research on “Time, Freedom and Experience.”

* Kalyan Rama, associate professor of marketing, a fellowship ($5,500) for research on “Optimizing the Market Mix.”

* Theodosia Robertson, assistant professor of history, a fellowship ($5,500) for “A Reader’s Guide to Bruno Schulz.”

* Michael Schroeder, assistant professor of history, a fellowship ($5,500) for work on “The Sandino Rebellion in Nicaragua, 1927–34.”