The University Record, July 10, 1995

Thirty-four participate in Management Institute

Thirty-four members of the University's office and technical staff committed nine weeks of Fridays and two weekends to participate in the 1995 Management Institute. The program was designed by Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Farris W. Womack to present a broader view of the University and higher education than most employees have during their careers. The 1996 institute will be open to participants from the office, technical and professional/administrative staffs. Applications will be available in the fall.

The following office and technical staff participated in the 1995 Management Institute:

Gina R. Aschenbrenner, Plant Order Service; Anna M. Balhoff, Plant Administration; Catherine M. Basso, Radiation Safety Service; Diane E. Benson, Human Resources and Affirmative Action; Mark A. Cornwell, Grounds and Waste Management; Liisa A. Ernst, Financial Operations; Stephanie M. Estes-James, Faculty and Staff Records.

Karen H. Galpin, Plant Building Services; Shelia A. Green, Housing Administration; Lisa M. Hagen, Transportation Services; Linda F. Hawkes, Grounds and Waste Management; Roberta A. Hitt, Payroll Office; Duane J. Holbrook Jr., Facilities Planning and Design; Linda R. Kennedy, Faculty and Staff Records; Tina Marie Kennett, Financial Analysis; Kellie A. Koth, Public Safety and Security.

Jane E. Malcolm, Maintenance Services; Shelia A. McFry, M-Stores; Yvonne M. McLeod, Purchasing and Stores; Valery G. McLilley, Briarwood Family Practice, Kathy A. Mellon, Plant Payroll Office; Vicki L. Merline, Financial Operations; Billie J. Mitchell, Financial Operations; Nancy J. Popp, Printing Services; Kevin Ricco, Grounds and Waste Management; Mary E. Russello, Plant Operations.

Georgina M. Ryan, Payroll Office; Gladys A. Sprunk, Financial Operations; Esther L. Stangl, Financial Operations; Darlene Starks, Financial Operations; Winifred Van Veen-Miller, Plant Operations; Carolina L. Vreede, Financial Operations; Linda S. Walton, Employee Relations/Compensation; Ann L. Zalucki, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health.