The University Record, July 10, 1995


On Ramp is a listing of World Wide Web pages produced by departments and units throughout the University. Web pages posted here will contain information of general interest to the University community.

Units interested in having their Web home page addresses published in this column should contact The University Record, 412 Maynard St. 1399. Submissions should include a short description of the information contained in your page.

The University Library, the Information Technology Division and the School of Information and Library Studies have launched an online journal, Initiatives in Digital Information: A Quarterly Communication. The newsletter highlights the digital information resources at the University.

Address: libhome/IDINews/

Students in Biology 311, the Keller biochemistry course, have created a home page that has old midterms and finals and links to other biochemistry sites.

Address: (Choose "Biochem Central")

The U-M Press's seasonal catalog and Books in Print can be accessed via the World Wide Web using Mosaic, Cello or Lynx. The web site holds excerpts from books published by the

U-M Press, information about authors, upcoming events and news about publishing programs in addition to information available in the traditional paper catalog. Questions about the on-line catalog should be directed via e-mail to Michael Kehoe, http//

The Information Technology Digest, a monthly publication of the Information Technology Division, is now available on the World Wide Web. The newsletter contains information on computing changes and updates, tips, computing resources and issues of interest to the U-M community. Address:

The Lotus Notes groupware home page provides a wealth of information regarding Notes, ranging from general information on the Notes product to acquiring and installing the client software, subscribing to the campus service and training opportunities. You'll also find links to the Lotus Development Corp. and IBM, who have both published announcements regarding IBM's merger agreement with Lotus. Address:

Transweb, the home page for the Michigan Transplant program, has information about organ and tissue donation policy, general transplant information, support groups and services, new developments and patient and family experiences. Also of interest are answers to general transplant questions and how some religions respond to the idea of organ transplants.