The University Record, July 10, 1995

Changes in parking ticket appeals, handicap permits began July 1

By Bernie DeGroat
News and Information Services

University employees, students and visitors who wish to contest parking tickets issued to them by U-M parking enforcement officers must now appeal citations to the city of Ann Arbor's Parking Violations Bureau, not to the University's Parking Services office.

As the result of an agreement between the University and the city, all parking citation appeals are now handled by one office, effective July 1. Previously, first-step appeals for campus citations were heard at Parking Services, with second-step appeals handled by the city.

A phone information line at Parking Services will remain in service to report updated appeals information until new ticket envelopes are received.

Those filing appeals should contact the city of Ann Arbor Parking Violations Bureau, 1st Floor, Ann Arbor City Hall, 100 S. Fifth Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48107, 994-2775.

Another change affecting campus parking, also effective July 1, concerns free parking for the handicapped.

Due to stricter standards adopted by the Michigan Secretary of State's office in May, handicap parking permit holders no longer automatically receive free parking at pay lots and structures throughout the state.

Individuals who now request handicap parking permits must receive state certification to be eligible for free parking privileges.

Those with unexpired Michigan permits and license plates issued prior to May will continue to receive free parking in all open parking areas. Free parking, however, is not available to those holding certificates with no expiration date.

Individuals with Michigan permits and/or licenses issued since May 1 must have a yellow "free parking" sticker attached to the permit. This must be presented, along with a valid driver's license or state of Michigan identification card, to the parking cashier attendant to verify eligibility for free parking. (The permit holder must be either the driver or a passenger in the vehicle.) Copies of permits are not accepted.

Individuals with handicap permits and license plates from other states may continue to park at no charge.