The University Record, July 10, 1995

Job info now has World Wide Web home page

By Rebecca A. Doyle

Job hunting at the University has become, if not any easier, at least more fun with the point-and-click technology available on the World Wide Web.

Although job listings have been on-line for several years through GOpherBLUE, the U-M's gopher server, several options are noticeable on the Job Postings Home Page that are not seen on the gopher version. The page was developed by Will Jaynes, Medical Center Information Technology sytems research programmer.

One of the most exciting options is the ability to look back, says Ken Fink. Fink is a senior systems analyst for the Medical Campus Human Resources Department and Human Resources/Affirmmative Action.

"Departments can look at the history section to see how many times they have posted a particular position, or check to see how others have written the job description for the same job classification," he says.

By looking at the history of a specific job title, both supervisors and potential applicants can see how often the job was posted, what the specific departmental requirements might be and how often other departments have posted the same job title.

Browsers can look up jobs by job family, title, department or specific job posting number to determine whether the position has been closed (indicating that it has been filled) or if the closing date has been extended. Like the listings on the gopher server, full text that includes the job description, salary range and other details is visible.

Of particular interest to first-time applicants is a section titled How to Apply. Specific information on where jobs are posted, how to find employment offices at the University and what forms are necessary are listed here.

The Job Postings Home Page can be accessed using Netscape or Lynx (a public non-graphic browser). Other Web browsers also may work, though Fink cautions that not all have been tested. The URL (uniform resource locator) is http://www. The home page also can be accessed from the Medical Center Home Page (choose "Job Postings on the Web") or the U-M Home Page (choose Faculty and Staff Services and then Employment). Those with questions about accessing the Job Postings Home Page can send e-mail to

The U-M's Job Postings Home Page on the World Wide Web.

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Job Postings via GOpherBLUE - The UMMC Web server currently carries job postings for the Ann Arbor campus only. The GOpherBLUE server carries these same Ann Arbor campus postings, as well as additional job postings, including the Dearborn Campus and work-study jobs for students.

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Historical Job Postings - These closed postings, dating back to 1987, are provided for informational purposes. Do not try to apply for these positions.