The University Record, June 19, 1995

Regents OK new North Campus lot

The Regents, at their June meeting, approved a new parking lot on the North Campus.

"Construction of the new Engineering Center and Integrated Technology Instruction Center buildings made it necessary to remove large parking lots that served faculty and staff on North Campus," Executive Vice President Farris W. Womack said. "To compensate for the lost parking space, we considered development of a new lot on the east side of the existing Beal Avenue near the Engineering Center site.

"However, upon examination, we found it would be possible to develop a more convenient parking lot area by reconfiguring the roadways. This would also provide a smooth traffic flow at the east end of Bonisteel, which would connect more gracefully and attractively with the existing roadway scheme, provide better service for the North Campus core and discourage through traffic. The new lot would be located to the west of the roadway."

The roadway realignment will be done this summer and the parking lot will be completed next summer. The project is estimated to cost $950,000.