The University Record, May 8, 1995

Bagley portrait donated to state

The donation of a portrait of John J. Bagley, Michigan's governor in 1873-77, to the state of Michigan was approved by the Regents at their April meeting.

"The University's History and Traditions Committee recently discovered that the state of Michigan is trying to retrieve portraits of past governors for the State Capitol Building, and they advised the State Historian that we have this painting," said President James J. Duderstadt. "The state has no portrait of Bagley, and they were very pleased to learn that one exists.

"The U-M Committee discussed with them the possibility of their accepting it on permanent loan from the University. They are unable to do this but are eager to have the portrait if the University is able to present it to the state."

The portrait, presented to the University by Mrs. Bagley in 1885, has been in storage for many years.