The University Record, May 8, 1995

Visitors Center to be named for Huetwell

The proposed Visitors Center, a 19,000-square-foot addition to the Student Activities Building scheduled to be completed by September 1996, will be named in honor of Frederick G.L. Huetwell.

The name was approved by the Regents at their April meeting.

"The University is a beneficiary of the estate of Frederick G.L. Huetwell, and we wish to designate a portion of the bequest for the construction of the proposed Visitors Center," said Provost Gilbert R. Whitaker Jr. and Executive Vice President Farris W. Womack.

Frederick (Fritz) Huetwell received his A.B. degree from the U-M in 1938. Following graduation, he was associated with his family's company, Calvert Lithography in Detroit.

"When the company ceased operations in the 1950s," Whitaker and Womack said, "he devoted considerable energy to promoting the U-M Club of Detroit as its executive director.

"Mr. Huetwell's support of the University extended into the philanthropic area as well. During his lifetime he provided ongoing support to medical research in such areas as cystic fibrosis, eye disease, kidney and bladder disease, hypertension, birth defects, arthritis, and communicative disorders.

"Mr. Huetwell's concern for others extended to students as well. He funded four four-year Frederick G.L. Huetwell Scholarships. These need-based scholarships enabled 35 students to attend the U-M."