The University Record, May 8, 1995

Workshop to provide overview of computer crimes, abuse

Computer crime is the subject of a full-day workshop jointly sponsored by the Information Technology Division (ITD) Information Technology Policy and Security Unit and Merit Inc. The workshop, scheduled 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. May 16, is open to a limited number of system and department administrators from the U-M and Merit member or affiliate schools and colleges within the state.

The first of three workshops, Introduction to Networked Computer Security and Crime Issues will provide "an overview of computer crimes and abuses, a look at the tools criminals use to commit those crimes and methods for detecting, monitoring and logging unauthorized access," says Virginia Rez-mierski, assistant for policy studies to the vice provost for information technology. "We'll examine the gathering of evidence as well as security remedies that can be implemented to guard against unlawful acts."

Sessions scheduled:

• Laurie Burns, ITD associate director for user services, will talk about the general implications of the distributed computing environment.

• Kirk Tabbey, attorney for the Michigan Computer Crime Task Force and chief trial attorney for the Jackson County Prosecutor, will speak on crimes of access, theft and fraud, such as software piracy, physical theft of hardware, wire fraud and extortion.

• Andy Palms, manager of ITD campus computing sites, will discuss the tools criminals use to access information, such as "sniffers," cracking programs and Trojan horses, and how to detect them.

• Paul Killey, associate director of U-M's Computer Aided Engineering Network, will talk about monitoring and logging tools for gathering evidence of criminal activity.

• Fred Avolio, principal analyst for Trusted Information Systems of Glenwood, Md., will speak on security of hardware and software, local area and wide area network configurations, and ways to improve security, from physically chaining down equipment to encryption and authentication procedures.

To register for the workshop, which has limited spaces available, call Scott Ziobro, 936-1726 or send e-mail to